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Application area:- 1) Roofs 2) Terraces 3) Pools and fountains 4) Reservoirs and channels 5) External wall Advantages:- 1) Film thickness 2) Crack bridging 3) Suitability 4) Strength 5) Resilience 6) Durability 7) Abrasion resistant roof 8) Ease of application 9) Temperature reduction 10) Toxicity
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Application area:- 1) Cement painted surfaces 2) Concrete, mortar 3) Clay brick surface 4) Natural and artificial stones 5) Mangalore tiled roofs 6) Corrugated AC sheet roofing, etc Features:- 1) Ease of application 2) Staining 3) Appearance 4) Vapor transmission 5) Efflorescence 6) Penetration
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Application area:- 1) For economical repairs to damaged concrete elements, particularly where access is restricted 2) Where vibration of the placed material is difficult or impossible 3) Suitable for various structural strengthening measures such as filling honeycombs and cracks
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Application area:- 1) To provide a hard wearing, easily cleaned, attractive floor coating in areas where high resistance to chemical attack is required 2) It is suitable for use in production assembly areas, workshops, dairies, soft drinks production and bottling plants, kitchens, showrooms 3) It is particularly suitable in wet working areas and where chemical spillage is like, e.g. plating shops, processing plants, dye works etc 4) It can also be used as a final coating and sealer for epoxy floor screeds to provide a more durable and easily cleaned surface where high impact is desirable Advantages:- 1) Hard wearing 2) High resistance 3) Hygienic 4) Attractive
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Application area:- 1) For fast and emergency resin statement of concrete 2) For bedding, joining, profiling of concrete, repair of damaged concrete in precast units 3) Joining between precast units 4) Repair of stair treads, fixing tiles 5) Cladding, repair to kerbs, man hole covers, door and window frames etc Advantages:- 1) Durable 2) Ease of application 3) Quick 4) Versatile